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Mayoral visit to Ballacottier operational centre highlights importance of recycling

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 13:09

The Mayor and Mayoress visited the Ballacottier operational centre where they were given a presentation by technical assistant Jeanette Edwards, who then led a tour around the recycling facility where they also met site supervisor Kevin Erdbeer.


AJeanette BSC6525 MediumTechnical assistant Jeanette Edwards explains the process through which glass bottles are recycled to create new materials


AKevin BSC6574 MediumSite supvisor Kevin Erdbeer and technical assistant Jeanette Edwards detail the baling process



A BSC6556 MediumBaled-up cardboard ready to be sent for recycling



A BSC6540 MediumChecking out the Teletruk



A BSC6546 Medium



Need to know:


  • Bin wagons as well as kerbside collection vehicles collect recycling material;
  • On average eight tonnes of paper can be collected in a bin wagon;
  • Two JCB Teletruks (forklift trucks with telescopic booms) are used in the processing of material;
  • A semi-automatic baler with 70 tonnes of ram pressure forms the bales;
  • The bales are manually tied off;
  • Paper bales weigh approximately 800-850kgs;
  • Cardboard bales weigh approximatly 630kgs;
  • Plastic bales weigh approximately 380kgs;
  • Mixed cans and plastic are sorted using three conveyor belts with over-band magnets and an eddy current separator;
  • Lids need no longer be removed from plastic bottles since the Council invested in a piece of equipment that pierces the bottles to improve the compaction process;