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Financial burden of vandalism should not fall to ratepayers says Council Leader

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 11:46

The Leader of Douglas Borough Council, Councillor David Christian MBE JP, has said that the Council will always be robust in its response to acts of vandalism in the Borough and seek to recover damages to avoid any undue financial burden falling on the ratepayers.


Councillor Christian was speaking after an act of criminal damage to Douglas Golf Course in March of this year led to the court ordering the offender to pay costs towards repairs.


‘Ratepayers’ budgets are under pressure - as are the Council’s - and we will always seek to recover damages as it should not be the ratepayer who has to pay for mindless acts of vandalism.


‘An act of vandalism, such as this damage to Douglas Golf Course, is a crime against the community. It has a corrosive effect on our quality of life, spoils people’s enjoyment of the amenity and is demoralising for our workforces who keep our green spaces and golf course in such year-round excellent condition. It also forces the Council to redirect budgeted funds away from delivering its services to rectifying the damage.


‘Vandalism and antisocial behaviour in general attract not only a high monetary but also social cost. The Council will, therefore, remain unshakeable in its commitment as set out in its Corporate Plan, to ensure Douglas is a desirable place to live, work and visit.’