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New look for Summerhill Glen

Thursday, 30 August 2012 16:16

Summerhill Glen has a new ‘after dark’ look.





The lower section, leading from the Summerhill Road entrance, has had new lighting installed highlighting the river course with a programmable display that can create a range of different-coloured effects.





Installed by Douglas Borough Council’s electrical services section, the £51,500 scheme is complemented by a looped animation display of Manx scenes inspired by the Island’s past and present and projected onto a wall located mid-way along the glen.





 012Regeneration and Community Advisory Committee Lead Member Councillor Stephen Pitts (pictured with grandson Brody Walkingshaw) said: ‘The previous lighting scheme was some 30 years old and no longer viable to maintain. Additionally technology has advanced greatly over the past three decades and these new light fittings, as well as using low-energy fittings and creating some dramatic effects, are permanent features, so will require less maintenance and lead to long-term cost savings.’


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