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Independent member appointed to Standards Committee

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 15:46

DerekBoothZSC 5334 MediumDerek Booth, independent standards committee memberDouglas Borough Council has appointed Mr Derek Booth to the role of independent member of the Standards Committee. The move follows the local authority’s adoption in May this year of a Constitution to ensure good governance, transparency and accountability. In support of these values the Standards Committee is the body through which the Council seeks to uphold the highest standards of conduct among its Members.


The constitution requires that one member of the standards committee be independent. Mr Booth retired two years ago after nine years as the surgical manager in Noble’s Hospital and for 12 years before that worked for the Island’s mental health services.


Previously he had managed residential homes for local authority social services departments in England. He said: 'Throughout my career as a senior manager and practitioner I have been extensively involved in the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure the oversight and management of professional conduct.




‘Although not required to the Council has chosen to establish the Standards Committee and is committed to the development of effective systems and processes to promote and support the high standards of conduct of Members.


‘Corporate governance and standards setting have always been a significant part of my clinical and managerial responsibilities and I am pleased to contribute and play my part in this with the Council which has chosen voluntarily to adopt a formal Constitution that actively promotes transparency and accountability.’


JoycephReducedCouncillor Eddie Joyce, standards committee chairmanStandards Committee Chairman Councillor Eddie Joyce said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Mr Booth to the Standards Committee where, as the independent member, his experience and wise counsel will prove invaluable. Mr Booth joins the Council at a pivotal time in its history; a time when it is breaking new ground for local authorities in the Isle of Man by having chosen to adopt a Constitution founded on openness and transparency that will govern the Council’s every function and process.’