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TT teddy tragedy averted

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 14:05

There could have been tears before bedtime when ‘Holiday Bear’ (in truth a toy elephant) belonging to the children from Little Learners private nursery in west Lancashire went missing while visiting the Island during TT fortnight.


RamseyRamCIMG3220 MediumChildren from Little Learners with their New Best Friend Ramsey the Ram


But that was before Douglas Borough Council and Her Worship the Mayor Councillor Carol Malarkey JP become involved. Despite the best efforts of the Council’s street cleansing and waste services sections and the loss reported in the local press no trace of the toy could be found and it was widely assumed that teddy was tired of travelling and had wisely decided to stay in the Isle of Man.


The mayoral machinery of Douglas Borough Council then swept into action with Her Worship the Mayor, on behalf of the Council, dispatching a replacement in the form of Ramsey the Ram to the teddy-less tots at Little Learners.


The children’s loss had, unsurprisingly, been un-bear-able until Ramsey the Replacement arrived.


In her letter of thanks to Her Worship Little Learners’ proprietor Lynsey Blane wrote: ‘We are all completely overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the kindness that yourself and the people of the Isle of Man have shown us since our “Holiday Bear” went missing. We also ask you to pass on our gratitude to your street cleaning operatives for their continued help in finding the teddy…We told the children that Holiday Bear had taken a trip to meet the Mayor and both yourself and holiday bear had sent this present.


‘We are a small nursery in a small village school in a rural, close-knit community. This story, and the path that it has taken, has touched the hearts of many.’


Her Worship said: ‘Holiday Bear, wherever he may be in the Island, clearly recognises that Douglas and the Isle of Man have much to offer. With the Council and Ramsey the Ram to the rescue I am delighted that we were able to play our part in averting a potential teddy tragedy.’