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Way to go: Pupils check out new direction for Noble's Park

Thursday, 18 July 2013 21:49

Pupils from Cronk-y-Berry School have become among the first to test drive the orienteering course installed in Douglas Borough Council's Noble's Park.


GroupDSC 5695 Medium


The park was mapped by Markus Puusepp (Trans Atlantic Mapping Company) for Peo (Per-Olof) Bengtsson, a renowned promoter and international orienteering competitor of World Wide Orienteering Promotion.  This map was used for a successful Scandinavian international orienteering event in late October 2012 as part of a series of orienteering events undertaken during a European tour by World Wide Orienteering Promotion.  The base map was then donated to Isle of Man orienteers William Higgins and Sandor Talas to help develop orienteering in the Isle of Man. 


TrioDSC 5724 MediumHead of parks David Hewes, Councillor John Faragher and William Higgins of Cronk-y-Berry School


In collaboration with Douglas Borough Council Mr Higgins developed a permanent orienteering course in the park with 48 control points which was installed in early July.  Pupils from Cronk-y-Berry Primary School then launched the course and map on Wednesday July 17th in the company of Mr Higgins and the Council’s deputy regeneration and community advisory committee lead member Councillor John Faragher. 


PlansDSC 5720 MediumCouncillor John Faragher, Cronk-y-Berry School's William Higgins and head of parks David Hewes



(Archallagan plantation is also being set up for a permanent orienteering course). 


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