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Obstructing highway with refuse bins an offence, cautions Council

Friday, 13 September 2013 12:32

Douglas Borough Council wishes to remind householders of the requirement under the Douglas General Byelaws 2013 to avoid obstructing the public highway with refuse or recycling bins.


The move follows a marked increase in incidences of bins being left on pavements, roads, alleyways and access lanes after emptying and collection, a practice hindering the Council’s street cleansing operations and preventing essential deliveries to some addresses in the Borough.


Failure to return wheeled and recycling bins to within the curtilage of the property as soon as practicable after collection is a breach of the law and householders who persist in the practice will be prosecuted.


Byelaw 24 of the Douglas General Byelaws 2013 states:  ‘The occupier of any premises from which controlled waste is collected commits an offence if he or she fails to remove any bin from the highway as soon as practicable after the bin has been emptied by the local authority or any contractor.’


The byelaw does, however, provide an exemption when it states that the above ‘does not apply to a bin that is placed on the highway with the consent of the Department of Infrastructure and in compliance with any conditions associated with that consent’.


Householders who believe they may be exempt should contact the department for clarification but are advised that any breaches will be dealt with using the provisions of the byelaw.


Council Leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP said: ‘Our recently updated byelaws are practical measures aimed at tackling antisocial behaviour. Bins left out long after collection is indefensible. Legislating for the responsible storage of bins, away from the public highway, is just one example of our commitment to promoting modern-day civic responsibility and creating a better environmental quality for the whole community of Douglas.’


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