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Council to microchip refuse bins

Douglas Borough Council will shortly begin an inspection of the condition of all the Council’s domestic wheeled bins as it is known that some are now significantly beyond the recommended life span of 10 years.


As part of the inspection programme maintenance work will be undertaken on the bins and this will include particular attention to bin wheels.  Bins found to be damaged beyond repair will be replaced.


The Council is also fitting each bin with a microchip.


Environmental Services Committee Chairman Councillor Ritchie McNicholl explained: ‘We are not microchipping bins to monitor households’ domestic waste disposal habits. The chip will have a code which will allow us to track waste arising across all collection rounds. This will allow us to review and develop the service to make it as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


‘We will also be able to use the information to identify ownership of the bins. This will not only reduce time spent by our officers trying to locate bins reported lost or stolen but also help keep pavements and lanes clear of bins.


‘Bins left out in the street can prove hazardous for pedestrians – especially the visually impaired or those with mobility difficulties – as well as for motorists and the emergency services.  It was for this reason the Council introduced a byelaw requiring householders to remove their bins from the highway as soon as practicable after collection.’


The bins are being chipped over a six-month period. New or replacement bins will be supplied with the chip installed. Existing bins will have the chip installed on normal refuse collection days.


For more information contact the Council’s waste services team. Please refer to the panel opposite.

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