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Henry Bloom Noble exhibition

Friday, 25 July 2014 17:35

In support of the Henry Bloom Noble Library’s contribution to Island of Culture 2014, the Henry Bloom Noble Trust has generously provided on loan an exhibition dedicated to one of the Island’s most revered benefactors.


HBN2 Medium


HB1From hospitals to football fields, libraries to churches, one man’s name is synonymous across the Isle of Man with philanthropy on an epic scale. The story of Henry Bloom Noble - his remarkable life and the fortune he amassed - is classically ‘rags to riches’. The impact of his generous legacy is still felt today, more than a century after his death in Douglas.


Who was Henry Bloom Noble and what of the trust that bears his name?


Visit the exhibition, created to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Henry Bloom Noble Trust, to find out more.