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Douglas Borough Council supports and encourages the practice of recycling. It operates a fortnightly kerbside collection service and has established mini recycling centres at selected apartment blocks and elderly persons' complexes.











Kerbside Collection Reminder for Friday 12 June 2020 - Round 10

Please note that even though there is no racing for this year, for Round 10 normally collected on Friday, we will keep to the current collection date of Monday 15 June as per the kerbside calendar.

So please put your boxes out first thing on Monday if you wish to have your boxes emptied. Polite reminder that we are still only accepting glass in one box and cans/tins in the other box. 


For plastic and paper, please note the Eastern Household Civic Site recycling bins are available to take these materials.


 If you require further information about your recycle round and calendar, please visit the following site:


Please copy / share this information with your neighbours.


We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Kind regards

DBC Waste Services







The Council will recommence paper collections from 22nd June as part of the Kerbside service.


In line with current arrangements for cans and glass bottles, paper must be placed in its own receptacle for now, mixed materials will not be accepted. 


For Douglas residents, the Council has a limited stock of kerbside boxes and/ or recycling bags available if you require an additional means of storing your paper. These can be ordered by contacting us by e-mail: or telephone number: 696445. 


For Braddan residents, please contact Braddan Commissioners on telephone number: 852808 or by e-mail: to arrange for additional receptacles if required.  If you have a recycling trolley, please use the top box for paper.


In addition, we are optimistic that the collection of plastic bottles will also be able to resume within the next 4 to 6 weeks, and will keep you informed via Facebook and the Council’s website


Thank you for your continued patience.


DBC Waste team










Recycling Boxes

If you're looking to get started or require a new box you can acquire one by clicking the link below.


Send me my new box now!


What can i recycle?

There are many lists of recyclable materials but the rule of thumb is anything with this symbol is recyclable:




For additional information on what you can recycle try these resources:


Recycle Now

Recycle for Mann


What about my green waste?

At the minute we don't offer a green waste collection service, however we do encourage people, where possible, to compost their green waste as it produces excellent compost.


The recycling centres provide large bins with separate compartments for glass bottles and jars, newspapers and magazines, food and drink cans, and aluminium foil and containers.


For more information see 'Useful Links' opposite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find public recycling facilities in the Douglas area?

There are mini recycling centres located at Tesco's car park, the Grandstand, Shoprite in Victoria Road and the Eastern Household Waste Recycling Centre at Middle River industrial estate.

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