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Decorative Lighting

Summerhill Glen illuminations Summerhill Glen illuminations

Douglas Borough Council has provided decorative Christmas lighting in Douglas since 1913. After the First World War the strategy was to concentrate on the lighting of the promenade,


The Council regularly updates the lighting in Summerhill Glen to delight visitors and bring the natural beauty of the glen to life.






All decorative lighting works are carried out by the electrical services section of the Environment and Regeneration Department.


 decorative lighting 3Summerhill Glen Decorative Lights 1Christmas lights in Ridgeway Street


Decorative lighting technology has advanced hugely in the last 20 years and the Council has continued to  invest in an upgrade programme for its installations.


The promenade continues to be lit with its characteristic white strings of lamps but these are being upgraded and replaced with more economical low-voltage lighting installations.


In addition there are coloured strings and carousels on the main drives leading from Central Promenade, Palace Road, Victoria Road, the Sea Terminal, Broadway and Derby Castle. To complete the scene there are several crossroad features depicting sports, recreations or events associated with the town. There are more than 10,000 individual lamps used on the main decorative lighting.


In 1984 the Council, in partnership with central Douglas traders, installed festoons in part of the main shopping area, Strand Street, for Christmas. This has now grown to cover all of the main shopping area of Duke Street, Strand Street, Castle Street and Marina Road as well as the shopping area at Prospect Terrace and Windsor Road, with more than 2,500 coloured lamps. Also, more than 120 additional Christmas features are installed for the festive period each year.


decorative lighting.jpg 2Summerhill Glen

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