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Waste Services

Waste Services is a function of the Environment and Regeneration department and is responsible for domestic and commercial refuse collection – including kerbside recycling collection – and general street cleaning throughout the Borough of Douglas.









Tywald Day Friday 5 July 2024 - Refuse & Garden Bin Collection Information


Please note that there will be no change to the collection service for refuse and garden wheelie bins on Tynwald Day Friday 5 July.


So if your usual wheelie bin collection is on a Friday, kindly place your refuse or garden wheelie bin out the night before.


For garden wheelie bins - if you wish to have another garden bin or if you want to take part in the garden waste collection service, please call 696445 or email










2024 Green Garden Bin Collection Information



The garden waste collection service for 2024 has now re-commenced.


 For those homes on refuse week 1 (as per the link below) your garden bin collection will be this week - commencing Monday 5 February.


For homes on refuse week 2 (as per the link below) your refuse will be collected this week and your garden waste bin will be collected next week - commencing Monday 12 February.


 A quick reminder of what we can accept:


Grass & hedge cuttings, leaves, bark, tree pruning, twigs and small branches (up to 5 cm) bedding from herbivore pets (e.g. rabbits) cut flowers, plants and weeds (but not invasive non-native species).


 We cannot accept:


 Any household waste, paper/card, raw/cooked food, plastic bags and any cat or dog waste.


 Note that for anyone who is still waiting for a new garden bin or if you wish to take up the service, please contact the Waste Team on 696445 or email: 





Please find below Domestic Refuse Collection Information for your home for 2024.



Week 1 - these collections began week starting Monday 1st January and then every other week after - so next collection would begin from Monday 15 January and so on. 


Week 2  - these collections began week starting Monday 8 January and then every other week after - so next collection would begin from Monday 22 January and so on.


Your collection day is the same day as it was last year.


Please leave your wheelie bin out for collection either on the night before or before 6.00 am on your usual day of collection.  


Click here to download the 2024 Collection Calendar



Bulk Waste Removal


For any bulky or inappropriate for domestic disposal waste, please take it to the Eastern Household  Amenity Site at it's new location from 2023 at Middle Park Industrial Estate, off Kewaigue Hill, IM4 1JL.


Alternatively contact the Waste Services team, 696445 to organise a quote.


To find out more about the Eastern Household  Amenity Site, click here.


Street Cleaning


Street cleaning is undertaken 364 days a year and includes litter clearing, chewing gum removal and the emptying of litter and dog waste bins. To arrange for replenishment of the free dog waste bags at stations around Douglas, please contact the Waste Services team, 696445.



Make sure that your wheelie bin is out ready for collection on the night before.



If you have any questions, please call Waste Services on 696445



Frequently Asked Questions 


What is considered to be ‘unsuitable’ waste for domestic disposal?

Building waste (bricks, rubble, timber, paint tins, etc.), hazardous waste (such as syringes and certain types of clinical waste) and side waste (placed outside or alongside main bin) are considered to be unacceptable for domestic disposal. If you are unsure about what qualifies, please contact Waste Services. (See 'Contact Details' opposite).  

Does the Council provide a commercial waste disposal service?

Yes, commercial refuse collection is offered at competitive rates. Waste bins are charged by weight. For more information please contact Waste Services. (See 'Contact Details' opposite).  

When is the Eastern Household Amenity site open?

Between April 1st and September 30th, the site is open Monday to Saturday from 08:00-18:00 and from 08:00-16:00 on Sundays and bank holidays. Between October 1st and March 31st, the site is open from 08:00-16:00 all week.


Note - last entry into the site is 15 minutes before closing time. 


The site is closed on New year's Day, Good Friday, Tynwald Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


I don’t live in the Douglas area, can I still use the site?

Yes. All users must pay a charge to dispose of fridges and freezers. Charges are:


  • Under counter fridge maximum weight - 50kg - £34.00;
  • Chest fridge/freezer maximum weight -   100kg - £53.00;
  • American style fridge 150kg+ - £87.00;
  • PC monitors £14.00;
  • Television set £27.00;
  • Laptop £14.00;
  • Dehumidifier £34.00:


Additionally the 2.2m height restriction barrier is removed.


An on-site debit card payment facility is available


Cash and cheques will not be accepted at the site.


In addition customers can pre-pay for disposal at Douglas town hall any time Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:00. A card will be issued on receipt of payment which must be produced at the site before the fridge or freezer can be accepted for disposal.


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