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Moving House

We understand that it may be necessary for people to leave the properties allocated to them and move to other areas of Douglas or across the Island.  We will always try to facilitate our tenants' needs as much as possible providing that the request meets with our allocations policy.


Moves to other properties will only be authorised if applicants pass a satisfactory housing inspection and have maintained a satisfactory rent account. 







There are two ways that we can facilitate a house move.


The Transfer Waiting List


Tenants can apply for a transfer at any point and are not required to have held their tenancy for any particular period of time prior to submitting a transfer application form.  Applications that are accepted will then be added to the transfer waiting list. 


Transfers will only be considered for the following reasons:


• Health or special needs reasons supported by Social Services or a medical


• Tenant wellbeing, community safety or for the prevention of crime reasons supported

  by the Police;

• Evidence of unsuitability or overcrowding supported by Environmental Health;

• Downsizing to a smaller property thus releasing a larger property for allocation;

• Moving from a property with special needs adaptations that are no longer required.


Transfers may also be required by the Council for housing management reasons, which will require the permanent or temporary transfer of tenants to enable such improvement works to proceed such as demolition, redevelopment, refurbishment or maintenance work. 


Mutual Exchange


As an alternative to transferring, existing housing tenants who have held a tenancy for at least 12 months can arrange to exchange their property with another housing tenant of Douglas Borough Council or a tenant of another local authority.


Applicants can personally find someone to exchange with by using social media, placing advertisements in shops, or by using the Department of Infrastructure’s Inter-Authority Mutual Exchange list. More information can be found here.


Once an exchange has been agreed between tenants, both parties to the exchange must complete an exchange form and submit it to their housing offices. Applicants should make sure that they have followed the guidance and procedures covered in the Exchange Information Sheet prior to submitting the completed Exchange Form to the Housing Service.  


Mutual exchanges will usually be approved, providing that both properties are in a satisfactory condition and that the Council does not incur any costs involved with the exchange, however reasonable grounds for refusing consent include:-


•If either property is subject to proceedings for recovery of possession or is in arrears for


•The exchange would mean that a property designed or adapted for occupation by an

 elderly person or someone with special needs would no longer be occupied by a

 person with these needs;

•The exchange would lead to either overcrowding or one household living in a property

 substantially larger than required;

•The exchange would result in tenants being accommodated in a property which is not

 suitable to their needs.


Terminating a tenancy


If you intend to terminate your tenancy, or are acting on behalf of one of our tenants, we ask that you carry out the following steps.


  • Provide at least one week's notice to the housing service;
  • Ensure you are available to allow a housing officer to inspect the property;
  • Ensure all rent is paid up to date;
  • Ensure that on vacating the property is is left completely empty. (Failure to do so will attract a charge);
  • Provide a forwarding address.






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