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Electoral Registration

The electoral register is a record of people eligible to vote in any national or local election in the Island.


Residents are permitted to vote from the age of 16 but must be registered in order to do so.


Failure to register will result in loss of voting rights in any election or referendum that may be called during the period that the register is in force.


The electoral register is maintained by the Economic Affairs division of the Treasury at the registration unit.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Am I eligible to vote?

You are eligible to be added to the register provided that you fulfil the following criteria:


  • Be resident at the address stated on the form;


  • Have been resident for a period of 12 months;


  • At any time during the subsequent 12 months have attained the age of 16.


How do I get on the electoral register?

You must complete a registration form giving your full name address and date of birth. You should also indicate if you are exempt from jury service.


Where can I get a registration form?

Registration forms are sent out automatically each year. If you do not receive one you should contact the registration office.



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