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Graffiti is criminal damage. The police will investigate all graffiti incidents for which identified offenders will be prosecuted.


The police and Council work together closely to ensure graffiti is removed and vandals dealt with.


The Council aims to ensure Douglas is kept as a clean, green and pleasant place in which to live and work and to visit.To support the Council in maintaining high environmental standards please report any sightings of graffiti.



Frequently Asked Questions

To whom do I report incidences of graffiti?

In the Borough of Douglas, please report incidents to the Council. For areas outside the borough, please contact the Department of Infrastructure (DoI).


How long will it take to remove the graffiti?

The Council aims to remove graffiti within two days. Offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours. Other reported graffiti will be removed within two weeks.


What are the consequences of offending?

All identified offenders will be prosecuted and issued with a criminal record.


Will the Council remove graffiti from private property?

The Council offers a graffiti removal service for private property on request .This service may attract a charge.





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