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About Douglas

Douglas is the capital of the Isle of Man.


The city is the business, leisure and entertainment centre of the Island and the seat of the Manx parliament, Tynwald which, at more than 1000 years old, is the oldest continuous parliament in the world.


The Isle of Man Government, headed by the chief minister, is also headquartered in Douglas, in Government Office.


Douglas originated as an insignificant medieval settlement at the estuary of the rivers Dhoo and Glass and grew slowly at first but with increasing speed when the advantages of its sheltered location, harbour and defensive capabilities were recognised.


By the 18th century it was beginning to thrive as a market town and port and eventually, in the mid-19th century, superseded Castletown as the Island’s capital and seat of government.


Today Douglas is acknowledged as the centre of the Island’s diverse economy, notably finance, e-gaming, world-class aircraft and shipping registries and a flourishing space industry.

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