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Town hall opens its doors for MNH heritage days

Monday, 10 October 2016 13:32

The town hall opened its doors on Friday October 7 and Saturday October 8 in support of Manx National Heritage's open day programme. 


'Yesterday and Today' was the theme chosen for 2016, the fifth year the Council has taken part in the scheme. Among the displays were archive photographs of Douglas from the air taken in 1935, shown side by side against present-day aerial images of the same views, photographs of Strand Street taken in the late 19th century alongside photos of the same sites now, together with video footage of Douglas Carnival, a mock-up of a 1920s admin office complete with an early Dictaphone that recorded to wax cylinders,and an original hand-drawn map of Douglas in the 1920s.


The two open day sessions were hosted by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Raina Chatel, the first female Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Douglas.


AGeneral DSC4568 MediumDeputy Mayor Councillor Raina Chatel with Joan and Ken Blackburn


 ATypewriter DSC4552 Medium



ARitchieRecord DSC4555 MediumCouncillor Ritchie McNicholl gets to grips with 1920s technology


ADictaphone DSC4554 Medium


 AMoreMullan DSC4575 MediumThe Deputy Mayor with Ed More and Stuart Mullan


 ATrio DSC4582 MediumThe Council's admin assistant Wendy Wynne, centre, with Janet Creer and Emma Cooke


 AGribbin DSC4584 MediumStan Gribbin views the 'yesterday' map of Douglas with Councillor Ritchie McNicholl