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Council adds to street cleansing fleet

Douglas Borough Council has acquired two new mechanical road sweepers to provide additional capacity to its street cleansing operations.


The two vehicles, a Hako Citymaster 1600 sub-compact sweeper and a 15-tonne Johnston VS501 truck-mounted sweeper, represent an investment of £178,000.


AGroup ASC6510 MediumCouncillor Ritchie McNicholl, second right and Assistant Chief Officer (Environment) Alan Donnelly, with driver Glynn Prescott, extreme left, and Hako Sweepers' Tony Carter


Environmental Services Committee Chair Councillor Ritchie McNicholl said: ‘The smaller of the two sweepers, the Hako Citymaster, is of a size and flexibility such that it can accomplish a wide range of cleaning tasks. It has articulated steering so it can manoeuvre in and around street furniture in the town centre, for example, and other tight spaces. It can also be fitted with attachments such as a snow plough or a salt spreader for winter maintenance.


‘The other sweeper is extremely efficient at cleaning larger thoroughfares and main roads, while its five cubic metre hopper will be ideal for clearing accumulations of fallen leaves as well as storm debris on Douglas promenade.  


‘Investing in these two sweepers is the latest example of how the Council is committed to doing all it can to help the capital of the Isle of Man project a positive, welcoming image. The Council, though, can’t achieve this alone. Everyone has a part to play in keeping our town clean by disposing of waste and litter responsibly so that, together, we can ensure Douglas is seen as a desirable place to live, work and visit.’