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Councillor Jonathan Joughin re-elected to serve as Mayor of Douglas for 2019-20

Councillor Jonathan Joughin JP has been re-elected to serve as the Mayor of Douglas for the 2019-20 municipal year.


080519-DBC-079 MediumThe Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor Jonathan Joughin and his wife, Mrs Angela Joughin


Members of the Council voted unanimously to elect Councillor Joughin, who had served as Mayor of Douglas for the 2018-19 municipal year, at a statutory public Council meeting held on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.


080519-DBC-066 MediumHis Worship with the Deputy Mayor for 2019-20 Councillor Debbie Pitts


Proposing the nomination Councillor Ian Clague MBE said that as Mayor of Douglas Councillor Joughin had represented the Council, the Borough and the Isle of Man ‘with great dignity’ and presided over Council meetings in a ‘fair and firm’ manner.


080519-DBC-081 MediumHis Worship with the Deputy Mayoress for 2019-20 Councillor Janet Thommeny


Councillor Clague went on to say that 2020 would be ‘a crucial year’ for the Council, with membership set to be reduced from 18 to 12 and the number of Wards from six to four. He continued: ‘It is therefore fitting that the office of Mayor is filled by a person who has the complete trust and respect of not only the Council but also of the entire community.’ In closing he said the Council would continue to be in ‘a safe pair of hands for the next year’.


080519-DBC-130 MediumHis Worship with the Mayor's Chaplain, Mgr John Devine OBE


Seconding the nomination Councillor Claire Wells spoke of Councillor Joughin’s ‘ability as Mayor to put the conflicts of Council behind him’, adding that ‘his genuine commitment to do what is best for the people of Douglas shines through.’


080519-DBC-128 MediumHis Worship with the Mayor's attendant, Peter Hindley


She went on to praise him and his wife, the Mayoress Mrs Angela Joughin, for their commitment and, in closing, said: ‘I have no doubt they will continue in their roles with enthusiasm and wish them both all the very best of luck as they continue promoting Douglas in the best possible light.’


080519-DBC-120 MediumThe Mayor with proposer Councillor Ian Clague MBE and seconder Councillor Claire Wells


Accepting the nomination His Worship said he was ‘excited’ to have a further opportunity, with the support of his wife, the Mayoress, to promote Douglas and to ‘lend visibility to the many individuals, volunteer organisations and businesses that contribute to making Douglas the very special place it is.’


080519-DBC-114 MediumThe Mayor and Mayoress with their son Myles, daughter Emma, the Mayor's brother Paul Joughin and his wife Mrs Sandra Cummins-Joughin


He went on thank his fellow Councillors for their vote of confidence; his proposer and seconder, Councillor Ian Clague and Councillor Claire Wells respectively for their ‘kind words’; and Councillor Ritchie McNicholl and Councillor Colin Cain, his proposer and seconder in 2018.


Councillor Clague and his wife, Mrs Susan Clague, were also thanked for serving as Deputy Mayor and Mayoress with ‘enthusiasm and dignity’.


His Worship also took the opportunity to thank the mayoral charity committee for their hard work and support, which had led to £23,000 being raised for local good causes.


He said that what ultimately decided him to put himself forward to serve as Mayor for another term ‘was the opportunity to meet so many devoted volunteers, all working hard to transform people’s lives.’


He continued: ‘Angela and I have been incredibly moved by the selflessness, dedication and passion of those working in charitable organisations, and we look forward to doing what we can to lend visibility to a number of local good causes over the coming year.’


He said that the two principal beneficiaries of the 2019-20 charity appeal would be Housing Matters and Heroes on the Water Isle of Man.


Turning to the deputies for 2019-20 he said that Councillor Debbie Pitts had agreed to serve as Deputy Mayor and Councillor Janet Thommeny as Deputy Mayoress, while Monsignor John Devine OBE would continue as Mayor’s Chaplain.


In closing His Worship said he was ‘extremely proud to be following in the footsteps of the many worthy holders of the post and, together with my family and our dedicated team, I shall endeavour to represent the town in a positive light and, if I may borrow a phrase from the Council’s Corporate Plan, to deliver for Douglas.’