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Crowds descend on Noble's Park for Fun Day

Monday, 05 August 2019 15:37

Families turned out in force for Noble’s Park fun day on Saturday August 2.


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1SpecsDBCFunDay-2354 MediumSpecs appeal: Mayor acknowledges support of 3FM


An estimated 5000-plus people came to the Douglas Borough Council-organised event, which was sponsored by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and supported by 3FM.


Warm and dry weather, combined with a host of free attractions, street food, some 40 car boot stalls, live entertainment, dance displays, family games and open mic sessions attracted families throughout the afternoon and also provided an opportunity for the Mayor to mingle with the crowds…and get up close and personal with ‘Monty’ the python.


1MontyDBCFunDay-2433 Medium'Monty' the python meets the Mayor, joined by Dave Kelly of charity Vannin Reptilia and his daughter, Isabella Kelly, 10


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1HWMSnakeDBCFunDay-2418 MediumThe Mayor with a more manageable sized snake from Vannin Reptilia's collection


Regeneration and Community Committee Chair Councillor Stephen Pitts, who acted as MC for the children’s races, said: ‘The Fun Day was a runaway success and I would like to thank all the Councillors and employees for their hard work, not only on the day, but also during the many weeks of planning the event. Thanks must also go to the many local businesses and organisations for their support. It was always the Council’s intention that this year’s Fun Day would be an exceptional community event and it’s fair to say we more than delivered on that.’


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1KidsPomsPomsDBCFunDay-2351 MediumUnity Dance School



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1BentleyDBCFunDay-2367 MediumThe Mayor with ardent recycler and chairman of the Isle of Man Green Party Councillor Andrew Bentley


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 1FrameDBCFunDay-2376 MediumIn the frame for the role of recycling champion


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1Nobles-Park-Fun-Day-2019-134 Medium


1WellyDBCFunDay-2405 MediumNot suited but (welly) booted


1Nobles-Park-Fun-Day-2019-348 Medium


1HDSDBCFunDay-2471 MediumHuntington's Disease IOM's Ashley Duffy



1BroncoDBCFunDay-2324 MediumA hole host of free rides were on offer at the fun day


13FMDBCFunDay-2271 MediumEvent supporter 3FM's Brad Meecham, Lianne Cooke and Charlotte Smith


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 1AddamsDBCFunDay-2297 MediumCentre Stage Productions' Ben Gale


1HWMBucketDBCFunDay-2280 MediumThe Mayor with John Davies


1ChatDBCFunDay-2243 MediumMeeting a family on their way to the fun day


1ScoutsDBCFunDay-2477 Medium1st Douglas Scouts


1OwenHouseDBCFunDay-2288 MediumJune Young and Glenda Corkish of Friends of Robert Owen House


1DanielleDBCFunDay-2396 MediumChristina Cullen, Olesja Timofejeva and Danielle Atkinson


1IceCreamDBCFunDay-2461 MediumCooling off with an ice cream from Ian Davison


1AngelaGirlsDBCFunDay-2264 MediumThe Mayor and Mayoress with Ava, two and Holly, six, Sims


 1PittsDBCFunDay-2310 MediumCouncillor Stephen Pitts


1HWMBunsDBCFunDay-2508 MediumTim Brogan of Gourmet Shakes


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1JoSingDBCFunDay-2255 MediumJo Jackson of the charity Singing Jo with Councillor Andrew Bentley and the Mayor