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Ipsos MORI survey leads Council to clarify service delivery responsibilities

Sunday, 11 August 2019 08:40

An Ipsos MORI survey commissioned and issued by the Highways Division of the Department of Infrastructure has led Douglas Borough Council to clarify its service delivery responsibilities.


The Council was moved to express its concerns after the survey made multiple references to ‘your local Council’ being responsible for all highways-related services.


The Council wishes to make it clear that while it is responsible for some services referred to in the survey such as street lighting, street cleansing and public highways verge maintenance in the Borough of Douglas, responsibility for the maintenance and repair of public highways Island-wide lies solely with the Department of Infrastructure, specifically the Highways Division.


Council Leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP said: ‘The Council recognises the value of customer feedback in helping to shape future service delivery strategies. We are, however, concerned that this latest survey could lead to confusion among service users as it does not reflect the division of responsibilities between central and local government that operates in the Isle of Man. Instead, it is based on a model applicable to the adjacent isle where, in many regions, it is the practice for councils to deliver services such as highways and public transport.


‘I would add that with the Douglas promenade redevelopment scheme very much a public talking point at present, it is all the more important that it be made clear that the Isle of Man Government is the architect and owner of the scheme, with the Council serving as a supportive and active partner.


‘I would therefore urge survey respondents to direct any questions or concerns they might have about highways-related matters, including the promenade redevelopment scheme, to the Highways Division of the Department of Infrastructure.’