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Police in the Parlour

Saturday, 05 December 2020 14:33

On Thursday December 3 the Mayor and Mayoress hosted a reception for representatives of the Isle of Man Constabulary in recognition of their efforts during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


 1Police006 MediumThe Mayor and Mayoress with Sergeants Michael Taylor and Lee Wright and Chief Inspector Darren Richards, police operations


In his letter of thanks to the Mayor and Mayoress, Chief Inspector Darren Richards wrote:


Following the outbreak of Covid 19 the Isle of Man Constabulary implemented a number of contingency plans to ensure that neighbourhood policing continued across the island throughout the pandemic.


Three teams were created, all of whom were volunteers led by Sargeants Taylor, Wright and Kerr to deal with Covid-related incidents.


The teams were based away from police headquarters and tasked with supporting the medical teams at the testing station at the Grandstand, contacting residents who were self-isolating, conducting welfare checks and dealing with incidents of disorder.


Officers worked extended hours in warm PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and were deployed daily to deal with potentially infected or infected persons in an effort to help control the spread of the virus and prevent civil unrest. Their work saw them respond to incidents across the island and around some of the island's hotels where people were in isolation. Throughout the period they dealt with a variety of different incidents.


Officers from the Constabulary utilised a similar policing style to that which is so successful during the TT festival, the four Es:  Engage, Explain, Encourage and Enforce.


They conducted their duties in a professional manner and with humour despite the increased personal risks that they were taking by volunteering for this truly front-line role.


The work undertaken by the ‘Covid teams’ allowed other policing activity to continue such as roads policing, firearms and work undertaken by the criminal investigation departments: a truly team effort to keep people safe.


The officers undertaking this role are proud to serve the community of the Isle of Man.