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Help to deliver for Douglas: Stand for election to Douglas Borough Council

There is an opportunity to contribute to making a real difference to the Douglas of the future – by standing for election to Douglas Borough Council.


On Thursday 22nd July, 2021 voters in Douglas will go to the polls to decide whom they want to represent them on the Council for the next four years.


To stand as a Douglas Councillor you must be on the Register of Electors as of 1st April, 2021.


Following the Council’s resolution and agreement from Tynwald to reduce the number of Councillors from 18 to 12 and the number of Wards from six to four with effect from 22nd April, 2021, there will be 12 vacant seats on the Council, divided between the four Wards of Douglas: Central, East, North and South. These are aligned with the House of Keys’ constituencies to eliminate confusion.


Council Leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP said: ‘To stand in this local election is a unique opportunity to be at the beginning of a new, more entrepreneurial democratic process to deliver for Douglas.


‘As a Councillor you will have a shared responsibility with your fellow Members for the wide range of services Douglas Council provides, as well as for operating within and scrutinising Committee budgets and developing policies.


‘Central to being a Councillor today, though, is partnership: with constituents, businesses, schools, voluntary organisations and the wider local community.

‘Importantly, as a democratically elected Douglas Councillor you will be in a unique position to contribute to the future economic, environmental and social wellbeing of your town and to make a real difference to people’s lives.’


Services provided by Douglas Borough Council include:

• Housing: Douglas is the island’s largest social housing authority, responsible for more than 2,300 properties;

• Highway and decorative lighting;

• The maintenance and development of the Council’s parks and green spaces across the Borough of Douglas: These include Noble’s Park; Douglas Golf Course; Pulrose playing fields; Douglas Head; Douglas, town centre garden squares; Summerhill Glen and the Marine Gardens;

• Domestic and commercial refuse collections;

• Kerbside collections of recyclable materials;

• Recycling processing at Ballacottier Operations Centre;

• Street cleaning;

• Litter bin emptying;

• Gully clearing;

• Highway verge maintenance;

• Douglas Borough Crematorium and Cemetery;

• Henry Bloom Noble Library.


Candidates’ nomination forms and information packs are now available from Douglas Town Hall.


Together with the nomination papers the pack contains background and practical information about the work of the Council, including a Member’s Code of Conduct, the Committee structure and schedule of meetings.


To assist any potential candidate who may have questions on the functions and structure of the Council, or on the election process, ‘drop-in’ sessions will take place at the Town Hall between 4.00 and 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 17th and Thursday 24th June, at which officers of the Council will be present to engage with them.


The deadline for submitting completed nomination papers to the Chief Executive’s Department at Douglas Town Hall is 5.00 pm. on Tuesday, 29th June, 2021.


For further information contact the Assistant Town Clerk Paul Cowin, 696310.


To find out more follow @DouglasBoroughCouncil on Facebook or @DouglasBoroughC on Twitter.