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Mayor raises Commonwealth flag

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 18:28

Her Worship the Mayor, Councillor Carol Malarkey JP, raised the Commonwealth flag on Monday March 10th in recognition of Commonwealth Day.


FlagOpenMediumThe Mayor and Mayoress ahead of raising the Commonwealth flag


The flag was one of more than 500 Commonwealth flags raised that day by local authorities and community groups throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, the largest, single raising of the flag in the history of the Commonwealth.


HWMFlagMediumAddressing councillors and officers Her Worship said the flag represented ‘a symbol of unity among the nations of the Commonwealth’ that celebrated ‘the diversity of our various cultures together with the common interests that bind us together.’


Her Worship then read the Commonwealth affirmation:


‘Joining together as members of one worldwide Commonwealth community and valuing the personal dignity and worth of every citizen, we raise this flag as a symbol of the ties of kinship and affinity we cherish. We draw inspiration from our diversity and the opportunities for working together, as a rich source of wisdom and a powerful influence for good in the world. We affirm our commitment to upholding the values set out in the Commonwealth Charter to serving one another in a spirit of respect and understanding and to enhancing development, democracy and co-operation locally, nationally and internationally.’


This was followed by the response:


‘Our pledge is to support the Commonwealth working together for a future in which there is freedom and justice and prosperity for all, with peace and understanding between peoples and nations.’