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Council adopts zero tolerance to A-boards

Sunday, 07 September 2014 14:01

From June 30th 2017 no advertising boards on the public highway in the Borough of Douglas will be permitted.


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The move comes after Douglas Borough Council resolved to adopt zero tolerance to A-boards and not issue licences beyond June 30th 2017.


Council Leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP explained: ‘We have become increasingly concerned about the proliferation of A-boards throughout the town centre. Many are positioned indiscriminately on the highway, causing a potential hazard, particularly to the visually impaired or people with limited mobility, despite the conditions we impose on licences requiring the boards to be placed directly in front of shop premises. They also make it difficult for our cleansing teams to clean the streets in the main shopping area.


‘There is also the aesthetic factor. A-boards do nothing for the street scene; they merely litter the town centre regeneration area in which the Council and its government partners are investing heavily to create a visually appealing uncluttered environment that will attract visitors and new business and also generate increased retail activity.


‘While we acknowledge trading conditions remain challenging the Council is firmly of the opinion that, unlike pavement cafés, A-boards provide no added value and do not project a positive “open for business” image for the town centre.’


Applications for an A-board licence can still be made until the 2017 deadline, for the usual fee of £110.


The 2017 deadline has been set in order not to affect existing licences, which run for a maximum of three years.


Pavement café licences are unaffected.


To apply for a licence see ‘Pavement Cafés and Highway Licences’ at