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Council marks Edward Forbes bicentenary

Saturday, 14 February 2015 15:22

Douglas Borough Council marked the bicentenary of Manx naturalist Edward Forbes on Thursday February 12th when His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Stan Cain JP, placed a floral tribute below the plaque on the front of the town hall dedicated to the eminent marine scientist who was born in a house on the site on February 12th 1815. 


The plaque reads: 'On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Edward Forbes FRC, this stone was placed here by the Manx people to mark the site of the house in which he was born on 12th February 1815'


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Forbes is noted for cataloguing the marine life inhabiting the waters that surround the Isle of Man and celebrated internationally for his work as a marine biologist and geologist. 


Wreath BSC5731 MediumThe Mayor and Mayoress pictured with the floral tribute to Edward Forbes below the commemorative plaque on the town hall facade




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