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Vintage photo focus fuels attendance at Douglas Town hall heritage open days

Sunday, 25 October 2015 15:12

An exhibition of vintage photos of Douglas from the air taken in 1935 proved to be a major attraction which drew the crowds to Douglas town hall when Douglas Borough Council took part in this year's Manx National Heritage’s open day programme.


 AGeneral DSC5605 Medium



Also supporting the initiative was a team from the Council’s Ballacottier Service Centre who held two open days to demonstrate the centre’s recycling operation and promote the Council’s kerbside collection of recyclables.


 ATrio DSC5602 MediumThe Mayor of Douglas Councillor Sara Hackman with Lily Griffiths and Misha Cooke, both aged 10


Council Leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP said: ‘The open days both at the town hall and Ballacottier Service Centre were a great success with encouragingly positive feedback. At the town hall the photo exhibition generated tremendous interest – over the two days there were more than 500 visitors – which encouraged people to spend longer in the building to learn more about the artwork, memorabilia and artefacts on display.


 ARowlands DSC5569 MediumHer Worship with Beverley Rowlands in the committee room


‘A great deal of effort by officers and staff went into the presentations and what has emerged is that it is clear there is an appetite among the people of the Isle of Man  - not just the people of Douglas - to find out more about the Council, its history and the services we provide. With this in mind we shall be giving serious consideration to arranging some more regular tours outside of the open day scheme. These could be of interest not only to local residents and visitors but also to schools, so that younger generations can learn something of the fascinating history of the Borough of Douglas.’


 AGerrard DSC5550 MediumAnne and Mike Gerrard view a book of illuminated addresses created by Colleen Corlett


Environmental Services Committee Chairman Councillor Ritchie McNicholl said: ‘The need to reduce, reuse and recycle has never been greater and the Council is making every effort to promote this vitally important message. The two days of tours of the Ballacottier Service Centre where visitors could observe our paper baling operation and spend time learning more about recycling in the education suite proved extremely valuable, both for the Council and for householders.


‘One of the main observations from visitors  - even those living outside of Douglas and Braddan - was just how easy it is to take advantage of the Council’s kerbside collection service. Importantly, the tours also helped to dispel the myth that all household refuse is taken to landfill sites or the Energy from Waste plant. This is simply not the case. The more the Council is able to recycle, the more revenue the Council can generate, which ultimately benefits the ratepayer.


‘Feedback has been very positive and I was most encouraged when I read an email from one visitor who wrote:


“I thought the tour was really good, I learnt much more than I realised as I have managed to have quite long conversations with a couple of people about recycling this week. It obviously made an impression as I have also steered some conversations round so I can talk about recycling.”


‘They then went on to praise the benefits of the educational video, writing: “It really set the tone that you are dealing with the global issue of waste”.


‘The staff also came in for praise and I echo the visitor’s thoughts when they wrote:  “You were both incredibly generous with your knowledge and your enthusiasm for your subject really came across. It has inspired me to think about why I only recycle glass and nothing else and I have started to collect my paper now.”


Councillor McNicholl concluded: ‘We can only but hope that future tours of the Ballacottier Service Centre will inspire visitors similarly so that they recognise the importance of responsible disposal of household waste and start to recycle.’


To find out more about recycling and to subscribe to the kerbside collection service click here.