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St Thomas's School 'books' a place on the promenade

As part of its support for Island of Culture the Henry Bloom Noble Library, in partnership with the Council’s parks section,  invited children from St Thomas’s School to create designs of their favourite book characters that could be made into floral displays for the play area on Douglas promenade.


The chosen designs, Peppa Pig, SpongeBob SquarePants and War Horse, were devised by children from the school’s gardening club. Lexie Gibson designed Peppa Pig, Matthew McCausland War Horse and Kieron Shimmin SpongeBob.


Trio BSC7938 MediumKieorn Shimmin, Matthew McCausland and Lexie Gibson


Red BSC7966MediumBrianna Elvin, seven



Foursome BSC7971MediumDave Kelly from the parks section with Lizzie Jenkins, Amy Willett and Brianna Elvin



FloweredTop BSC8000MediumCatherine Jenkins



Wall BSC8007MediumThe library's Sue Caley with children from St Thomas's School



Peppa Pig 1 MediumPeppa Pig in progress


Spongebob in progress MediumSpongebob in progress


War Horse 2 Medium'War Horse'


 PeppaSpongebob complete Medium'Peppa' and 'SpongeBob' completed